With the objective of redefining education to fit the contemporary needs and challenges, K R. Mangalam University has established The Institute for Inventions, Innovations and Entrepreneurship (TIIIE).
TIIIE aims to set up and sustain a platform for all knowledge streams and all academic disciplines to grow and gain advantage in a cross-disciplinary environment. This allows theory and practice to blend harmoniously.
  • Merges the sciences and humanities with technology.
  • Innovation shall be the key driving factor.
  • Innovative pedagogies, practical connections of knowledge in the real world, analytical and critical thinking, communication and management strategies.
  • Creates an environment of start-ups and jobs.
  • A healthy combination of skills and knowledge.
  • Projects based on trans-disciplinary learning.
  • Subjects of Humanities stream and computers can now explore possibilities through this intersection of computing and the disciplines of humanities.
  • The courses are project based and interdisciplinary and involve investigation, analysis, synthesis and presentation of information using digital tools and methods.
  • Some themes: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Creative Design.